How to connect to Google Data Studio

You have a complete overview in your dashboard, but what if you want to compare it to other data, or you want to create your own spreadsheet and do your own data crunching? No problem!
You can use your data any way you want by using our Google Data Studio Connector. Check out how.

How to connect

Follow the steps below to connect your report data to Google Data Studio


Step 1

Generate Google Data Studio Key

Log into your account or create an account, go to Google Data Studio settings and press the ‘Generate Key’ button, this is your secret key to access your data in Google Data Studio.

Step 2

Set up Connector

On the settings page with your secret key you can click the ‘add connector’ button to start setting up the Connector. When prompted, fill in your secret key generated in step 1 to continue.



Step 3

Create your own reports

That’s it! Once continued through all the steps you now have access to your data in Google Data Studio and can start creating your custom reports!



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